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Business Valuation Express

Valuations performed with the most current cutting edge technology by a team of professionals that just don?t input data into a model ?they formulate the data based on information gleaned from the most current databases, vast personal knowledge and expertise, and most critically to all concerned we are including the client?s own projections to validate all quantitative factors independently and objectively. We excel at providing ?Second Opinions? for comparative purposes.

Our valuations prevent our clients from overpaying for a business or being underpaid for their business. We are there to provide ?peace of mind? before, during and after the purchase, sale or merger/combination of a business. These are the single most important transactions in the life cycle of its existence. We have performed valuations for large and small entities, public and private, from under a million to beyond over 1 billion dollars.

Our clients choose us for 7 principle reasons: Affordability, Integrity, Accuracy, Speed, Flexibility, Credibility and Value (based on Client feedback).

We also pride ourselves on being very discrete.

Our sole purpose is not to endlessly iterate our valuation data to support our billings- it is to create the best valuation and recommendation to our clients promptly to facilitate the decision making process..

Billing for our service is incremental based on modules. Each Module is separately priced to address the critical steps in a valuation process-you only pay for what you need and want.

The first consultation is always without charge and offers a tremendous introduction to our service offering as well as a frank discussion of your individual situation. Please contact us via phone at 1.888.800.9043 or email: to get started.

For competitive reasons we do not publicize our process but will provide an overview during the first consultation. All clients must sign a Non-Disclosure agreement relative to protecting the client?s data and the process we utilize once we have entered into a service agreement.

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