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RAM Business Model - Rapid Assessment Methodologies

Rapid Assessment Methodology (RAM)? is an exclusive Statistical Dynamics Six Sigma technique in which those process drivers that have the greatest impact on the ultimate objective are synthesized into breakthrough strategies (RDMAICSI). The goal is to rapidly and seamlessly have tangible bottom line results that impact an organization immediately and influence long-term process improvement. In all instances the sequence of analysis unfolds in the following manner:

Phase Analysis/Implementation Technique Objective
Recognize Info Gathering/Interview -
Comparative to Industry Standard
Identify Key Business Issues
Define Identify/Categorize Quantitative Drivers Benchmark
Measure Actual Quantitative Measurements
Of? Capabilities of? Processes
w/ Operational Leverage
Establish Current
Performance Levels
Analyze Assess Prevalent Patterns/Trends -
Determine Variable Relationships
Understand Performance Levels
Improve Enhance Process Characteristics
Via Defect/Opportunity
Screening Analysis
Achieve Performance
Control Manage the Process Variables
Insuring a priori control
Maintain Improvement Levels
Standardize Identify Best Practices and Develop
Standardization Within and Across
Transformation of Business
at Operational Level
Integrate Incorporate Into Policies & Procedures Embedded in Strategic Planning

The IT analysis project plan is an outgrowth of Rapid Assessment Methodology (RAM) being utilized. The schedule and cost savings projected are at least 40% of the prior contemplated approach.

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