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Government Contract Solutions For Your Projects

Statistical Dynamics expertise encompasses all contractual types, unique terms and conditions and the ability to assess financial implications quickly and seamlessly without excessive analyses or review. Experience with every Governmental agency and their unique differences result in Rapid Assessment Methodologies (RAM) that yield quantifiable outcomes.

Specific Areas Of Concentration

  • Equitable Adjustment Claims
  • Termination Claims
  • Loss of Efficiency Claims
  • Underabsorption of Indirect Cost Claims
  • Government Property System Approval
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Disputes
  • Arbitration
  • ITAR
  • Purchasing System Approval
  • Earned Value Management Systems
  • Accounting System Approval
  • Disclosure Statement Submittals
  • Audit
  • Indirect Cost Claims
  • PDR and CDR
  • CDRL and SDRL submittal
  • EAC and ETC preparation and submittal
  • Payment issues

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