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Maximum Benefits of a Statistical Dynamics Analysis

  • You will receive an objective appraisal of your business operations.
  • Statistical Dynamics will review all areas of your business which have a direct influence on your profits-cost controls, marketing, management, operations and finance.
  • You will receive an objective view from a seasoned professional. You will benefit from a new pair of eyes scrutinizing your business, trained to recognize problems that impact your profits. You will have a fresh perspective.
  • Statistical Dynamics will offer you direction on how to reduce costs and generate greater revenues, thereby increasing your profitability.
  • You will gain an understanding of the financial and analytical tools necessary to maintain your competitive edge.
  • Our analytical work is value priced.
  • You will receive immediate benefits from the analysis through identification of the problems, the costs of those problems, and the effect of the problems on your daily operations; as well as their resulting long-term impact on your business.
  • We are available to provide management consulting services after the analysis, if appropriate. The course of action you elect to pursue after you have confronted the problems is entirely your decision.

The Diagnosis: A Qualitative & Quantitative Review

The Statistical Dynamics team will perform an exhaustive diagnostic study. Each analysis is unique to that particular business. The analyst has experience with other operations of similar type and size. An in-depth examination is performed without disrupting employees or daily operations. Upon completion, the analyst provides a confidential review of findings and recommendations before leaving your business.

Some of the areas examined:

  • Financial records, statements, and reports
  • Flow of documents and procedures
  • Goals and strategic planning
  • The organization and its function
  • Policies and procedures
  • Employee sentiment
  • Key employee attitudes
  • Management (ownership) philosophy
  • Waste, theft, fraud, and overhead controls
  • Pricing, estimating, sales and marketing
  • Purchasing, material cost, and labor cost
  • Inventory turns and management
  • Productivity
  • The production process including layout, receiving, shipping, and warehousing
  • Quality control
  • Credit policies and accounts receivable collection procedures
  • Administration and office management
  • Employee relations including incentives, manuals, job descriptions, and training
  • Contracts and Purchase orders

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